1. Fela the black president salute tshirt by jamhuri wear coming this fall.

  2. We salute #MLKdream50 “I Have A Dream” speech by dropping our “I Africa D.C” tshirt. bit.ly/18m2DNJ 

  3. #TBT with that Kid #50CENT circa 2003 “In Da G Unit Showroom” 

    He got rich, We still tryin’.


  4. Happy Birthday Tata Mandela. We have you in our thoughts.


  5. Haiti 
    L’Union Fait La Force (“Unity Makes Strength.”)
    Jamhuri Wear vexillology limited edition sweatshirt series.

  6. Jamhuri Wear Lion of Judah Sweatshirt.
    Ethiopia stand up!

    Loved making this series of vexillology sweat shirts. We were very fixated with flags and the symbolism, still are really.. but this was the beginning of a few cool samples. Mmmmh.. maybe who knows… might just run with them one day.

  7. Hello Berlin! nice to meet you. #IAFRICAEU

  8. Seen on the subway.. art

  9. youngglobal:

    #afropolitians #Africa #blackstars

  10. Travel in Style!

    Pre-order the International Arrival + Departure limited edition mens tshirt, collaboration between JW and Buyu Collection.

    Languages-French, Japanese, Spanish + Swahili.